We urge you to stop the offshore drilling near Aljezur, planned to start on Sep 15 2018, the gas extraction in Aljubarrota, in the center of Portugal near the sanctuary of Fátima, planned to start in 2019, and to rescind all remaining oil and gas drilling contracts.

I’m standing in solidarity with the families whose lives, livelihoods and futures are threatened by the impacts of climate change.

I’m supporting their brave decision to take European lawmakers to Court, and their demand that the EU protects our fundamental rights and urgently acts to ensure a future safe from the catastrophic impacts of climate change for all.

These contracts were signed by a government investigated for corruption, and have the lowest rates ever, besides there is no oil in the world that can pay the sea. We are sea people not oil cleaners.

Eu abaixo assinado venho por este meio exigir o cancelamento imediato da pesquisa e exploração de Petróleo e de Gás Natural em Portugal. Apelo ao poder local e central para agir de uma forma correta e que nesta fase revogue as duas licenças de concessão, Batalha e Pombal, para a exploração de hidrocarbonetos concessionadas à Australis Oil & Gas.